Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sexy/Cozy/Grownup Loungewear

I skipped my yoga class tonight because the weather was cold and miserable and I just didn't feel like getting my Om Shanti on. (In my defense, I commute by bike, so cold and miserable is REALLY cold and miserable.) But my loss is your gain! One of my New Year's resolutions this year is to start dressing like the sophisticated adult that I am. At least the adult. Er.
One of the results of this has been my renewed interest in sophisticated and cozy loungewear and the weather lately has had me scouring the internet desperately in search of things that are warm. While there is a plethora, nay a veritable cornucopia of adorable loungewear out there, sexy camis and drapey rompers aren't all that appealing when it's colder than Jack Frost's posterior outside. My ratty sweats and fleecy jammies may not be sophisticated, but they're toasty.

However, I did manage to dig up some deliciously warm and sexy lounge-wear that are a step up from the oversize sweats your last boyfriend left under the bed. (Also, slightly less sad.) Enjoy! 

Photo Courtesy of Eberjey
1. Eberjey makes some positively luscious lounge wear for the warmer months, but the Sadie Slouchy Tee and Cinched Pant have been calling my name since the new Ice Age hit.

Photo Courtesy of Between The Sheets
2. Between the Sheets is one of those brands that I've always lusted after but never been able to justify purchasing. The Venus in Play lounge set was just so irresistible however that I actually did try to buy it, only to be cruelly thwarted by weirdness in the online purchasing system. The black is currently on sale but it's also available in number of other colors.

3. While Alternative Apparel is not a loungewear or lingerie brand, and the sophistication of a sweatshirt may be arguable, the Maniac Fleece Sweatshirt wins its way onto my list by a) being 80's FABULOUS! and b) being so goddamn comfortable that I ordered one a while back and have not yet taken it off. It's incredibly soft and toasty and the off the shoulder detail keeps it sexy.

4. I'm not generally the biggest fan of Calvin Klein in general as I am handily sized out of all of their bras, but the Essentials Pull On "Yoga" Pant was a definite win for me. It's soft and drapey and incredibly comfortable.
5. If this Cashmere Robe by Shimera is not the epitome of all things cozy and sophisticated, then I am at a complete loss. Also expensive. See "cashmere."
Photo Courtesy of Nordstrom
6. I don't generally like classic style notch collar pajamas, but these adorable Modal Pajamas by PJ Luxe might make me change my mind. I'm a total sucker for modal and these look utterly snuggly.

Photo Courtesy of Luvahuva
7. Luvahuva is an Etsy store based in London and I adore all of their loungewear. The Plum Bamboo lounge pant is a particular temptation in that beautiful purple with the gorgeous oversize tie. * le sigh*

Photo Courtesy of Tatiana's Threads
8. This Fleece Boyshort by Tatiana's Threads may not  be the most cozy option for your knees, but for those of us with chilly backsides, it's a godsend. (Warning: may cause uncontrollable frigidity jokes)
Photo Courtesy of Sandmaiden Sleepwear
9. Finally, Sandmaiden Sleepwear's full length merino robe is a great wrap up to this post. Chic, stunning and so sophisticated that it's custom made for you.

Until next time, stay warm and lounge on! (Bonbons optional)

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