Monday, February 17, 2014

Badass Lingerie

I love lingerie. I love pretty, lacy, girly things. But sometimes, that isn't what I want. Sometimes, I ask myself WWBWD? (What would Black Widow don?) What is the most appropriate bra for roundhouse kicking someone in the face so hard that their jaw pops off? Inquiring minds want to know.
And so I've compiled this list for all of your superhero/vigilante/assassin needs. For when lacy and pink just won't cut it.

Photo Courtesy of Hopeless Lingerie

1. Nina Top by Hopeless Lingerie

Honestly anything by Hopeless would probably make this list. They specialize in underthings for the vigilante and how sweet would this structural top look with some leather pants? 

Photo Courtesy of Reckless Wolf

2. Howl Body by Reckless Wolf 

Reckless Wolf may be my newest lingerie obsession. The exposed under wire, the cage details, the sheer panels. Perfection.

Photo courtesy of Zayna Bayne

3. Valentina Harness by Zayna Bayne

Harnesses are badass. Zayna Bayne makes the most badass of harnesses. Any questions?

4. Chambre des Secrets Body by Maison Close  

The high neck and mesh panels, the leatherette fabric, the garters. Deliciously bad. 

5. Addiction Nouvelle Shorty

Because even a supervillain needs her comfortable boyshorts some days.

6. Voyeur Angela Dress by Bordelle

Ok. So this one may only be for the billionaire dominatrix playgirl, but we can all dream.

7. Skull Camisole by Honeycooler Handmade

Menacing yet comfortable, versatile and sophisticated. 

8. Desire Push Up by Marlies Dekkers

Cleavage is a valid weapon and a woman has to use all tools at her disposal. Plus, how sweet is that chain detail?

9. Matte Suspender Leggings by BlackMilk

Because suspenders are badass and we need something to wear with our fantastic tops.

10. Rest Your Bones PJs from Modcloth

Evil may not have to sleep, and while we still do, there's no reason not to be hardcore while lounging. 

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