Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mimi Holliday Tinkerbell Comfort Bra


 Overview and Aesthetics:

 Oh Mimi Holliday, you siren. Your unexpected color combinations and beautiful patterns are my downfall. Mimi has become one of my go to brands despite being a problematic fit for me because I'm just unable to resist.

Mimi Holliday is the diffusion brand from the British luxury lingerie brand Damaris and they may have surpassed their "mother" brand in popularity thanks to their more moderate price point and adorable seasonal colorways. This particular colorway, Tinkerbell, is an apricot and warm gray combination from a few seasons ago and is *sorrysorrysorry* no longer available.

 Mimi tends to release a few standard models in each seasonal colorway and the Comfort is one of their standards. Even though this particular colorway is no longer available, I've found that the fit is consistent throughout colorways and so this should be useful for those looking avariciously at colorways such as Poppet:

Materials and Price:

I purchased this bra on clearance for around $40 and new ones of this model will run around $90. This bra is made of an extremely light and soft stretch lace in the cups. Cups are all one piece and are darted in the middle to give shape. The front and straps are gray stretch silk and the back and wings are apricot colored powermesh. One rather obnoxious feature of the design of this bra, and many of Mimi's other bras, is that there is a single hook closure at the back even in larger sizes. This is by nature less supportive and as design choice, consistently baffles me.

The underwire is fairly wide and flexible and comes up to about mid sternum on me. This is higher than your average plunge but not excessive for the bra.

Fit notes:

This isn't a bra that will do a whole lot to support your lady bits through trying times. The cup design is simple and gives a very natural shape and the fabric is simply too soft and stretchy to stand up to a lot of abuse. This bra is more or less boob garnish. And that's ok. For a more supportive bra, I have other options. Because it's so soft, Tinkerbell has become one of my go to "lazy day" bras.

I purchased this bra in a 34E and noticed a few things. The bra band is very stretchy and I should definitely have gone down a band size to my sister size of 32F. I have fairly soft, wide set breasts and it's also a great light support bra for me and for more firm breast tissues or smaller cup sizes, I can see it being a great every day bra. As it is, I love it as a light support bra but would definitely wish for a wider band and more hooks. 

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