Monday, February 17, 2014

Naked Princess MicroModal Bodysuit

Photo Courtesy of Naked Princess

 Overview and Aesthetics:

This bodysuit was my first foray into bodysuits, something with which I have since become slightly obsessed. I snagged it in the iconic dove gray that it was initially released in but it has since been released in cream and black as well. The gray is not as purple as it looks online, but is a warm, basic concrete gray.  In person, it's a sophisticated and luxurious piece of lounge wear. The lace is delicate and sheer and the fabric incredibly soft. It's available online through and a few other retailers.

Material Quality and Price:

This bodysuit is stunning. The lace on the sleeves and around the legs is one of the most beautiful lingerie laces I've seen. It's also incredibly delicate and sheer, every time I wear it I'm terrified that I'll put a finger through it. The fact that this hasn't happened yet, despite my clumsiness, speaks well to its durability and sturdiness
Sheer and delicate
The construction of this piece is painstaking and gorgeous. The stitching is even and neat and the lace overlay is flat, even and secure. Both the lace and the modal of the body are incredibly soft and stretchy. I purchased this bodysuit in a size Large when I was a dress size 12 and it fit beautifully. I'm now a dress size 8 and the same one still fits beautifully. The forgiving fabric and cut of this bodysuit mean that there's a fair amount of give in it.
The bodysuit cost me $100 on sale a while back when Naked Princess was clearing their inventory. It usually retails for about $140 and I would say that it's worth every penny of full retail price just for the quality of materials and construction.

Fit Notes: 

As I mentioned, this bodysuit has fit my body through a range of sizes. The soft stretchy modal and stretch lace are incredibly forgiving. The princess seaming at the front is very flattering and draws the eye up to the lace plunge neckline or down to the bottom.
The bottom portion of the bodysuit is a thong bottom with high cut lace lined legs. This means that there's no elastic around the leg or posterior to cut in and leave pantie lines. It also elongates the legs and frames the derriere in a VERY flattering manner. One thing that struck me about the aesthetics of this bodysuit is how flattering it is to a portion of me that I usually just minimize or hide. Usually I avoid thongs of any kind like the plague, but this one is extremely comfortable. I don't get the ride up that thongs usually cause. Possibly because the body is holding everything in place.
There are a few small things have made wearing this piece as outerwear slightly troublesome. One is the fact that the fabric of the body is extremely soft and stretchy but not remotely concealing. For those like me who are self conscious about softness around the belly or back fat from a bra band, this can be a bit of a problem.
The lace plunge neckline can also be problematic. It's elegant and sexy and one of my favorite elements of the body, but it makes finding a bra to wear with it more or less impossible. There is no bra that I have found that won't peek out from under the neckline. My solution has been to wear bras that go well with the bodysuit and I know other reviewers have worn crop tops or camis for a little extra coverage.

Please ignore the wrinkling, I'm terrible about ironing.
In summary, this bodysuit is a gorgeous and versatile piece for boudoir or outerwear under slacks or a skirt. The materials make it well worth the price and the fit is flattering and forgiving for a range of sizes. There are some features that make it slightly difficult to style as outerwear but nothing that can't be overcome. I have found it to be comfortable and flattering and worth the money.

If you want another opinion, The Full Figured Chest also reviewed this bodysuit and their review is definitely worth reading.

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