Monday, February 3, 2014

Me and My Chest-Nuts

I wanted to elaborate on my own body shape and fit issues so that my reviews would have a bit more context and give my (as yet hypothetical) readers an idea whether or not my fit issues will match up with theirs.
Some of the things about my body that affect fit with bras in particular are the:


At 5'2, I squeak into the "Petite" size category. This effects bra fit primarily in the straps. Straps that aren't fully adjustable have a habit of being much too long for me. Straps that are too long will cause wrinkling in the cups and a poor overall fit and are doubly problematic with my softer breast tissue.
Also, bands that continue under the cups have a tendency to flip upward on my shorter torso when I sit. This is irritating when it's a pretty lace or something, and obnoxious when it's a stiff structural fabric.

For example, this lovely Caitlyn by Elomi would be very problematic for me because that band
would flip up ALL OVER THE PLACE. (Can you tell that this is a pet peeve of mine?)

Breast Shape:

My breasts are very widely set and very top heavy. This means that most molded cups are not a good fit for me because I'll quad-boob all over the place on top and leave half of the cup empty. It makes molded bras nigh impossible to find and the one exception that I've found is so precious that it is going to be my next bra review.


Or not. My breasts are fairly soft. This is a very common issue and carries its own series of irritations. For example, side slings. Side slings are a fantastic way to add support to soft cup bras by adding a little bit of lift from the sides. What side slings do to my breasts is create an extremely unflattering line on the side of my breast as my boobs ooze gently around the intended lift.
Thus the Gentle Jade by Elle Macpherson will never be a great fit for me.

Body Composition:

If I were a Tolkien character, I would be a dwarf. Minus the facial hair. I gain muscle and muscle bulk very easily and when I'm not musclebound, I'm prone to being heavy. For those with similar issues as far as being muscular, I would direct you towards TLA's great article on fit issues for Mesomorphs.For me this means that there's not a lot of leeway in band fit for me because there's not a lot of give on my ribcage and often a 34 band will often be just a smidge too loose but a 32 will cut off blood flow to my head.

In conclusion:
 These are the things that affect bra fit for me and make hunting for bras difficult for me. Some of these will be shared by some people and they might find my reviews useful for that reason. Noone will have the exact same combination of issues, and that's ok. It's definitely possible to take something useful away from a review by someone with a different body and I thoroughly enjoy reading reviews by a variety of bloggers. As I review a wider array of bras and lovely things, various other issues will inevitably crop up, but this should give you a start on where I (or more specifically my boobs) am/are coming from.

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